Information about paper submission

After receiving the acceptance of their paper proposal, authors must submit their papers through the form provided for this purpose in this section. Regardless of the modality of participation, a photograph of each author must be attached, as well as a brief biography to make the presentation more user-friendly for the audience, and a contact email to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of questions among participants.


Papers in text format must be written in the template that can be downloaded below. The length will be 3,000 words, including references.

Papers in video must be send in a video format, with a maximun size of 100 MB, and include an index, abstract and bibliographical references. Attach a photograph of each author is mandatory, as well as a short biography to make the presentation more friendly to your audience and a contact email address. PowerPoint presentations must have between 10 and 25 slides and include the narration by the author. This PowerPoint presentation should be exported to video format for submission. For further information about this through the following link: “Record a slide show with narration and slide timings”.

If you choose to present your paper in video format, take into account that it should last about 15-20 minutes (maximum).

Please upload your communication in video format onto the virtual platform. To do this, you have to create a Google account and you have to upload your video onto your Google Drive. Once it is uploaded, please click on the “anyone with link” option to make it accessible by the committee and then click on “get link”.  Copy your link in the specific app for that aim which can be found in the Virtual Secretary of the Conference.

May you have any question on the process, please watch the tutorial below and do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form.

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