Guidelines for the submission of proposals

Authors will have the opportunity to submit one of their accepted papers, in chapter format, for evaluation. The chapters accepted by the scientific committee will be published in a book of chapters with ISBN in publishers well positioned in SPI, either in UCO Press or in Tirant lo Blanch, at the discretion of an external committee of experts and after a blind peer review process. You can check the deadline for submitting chapters through the “Conference Dates & Deadlines” section of this website. Only those papers that have been previously accepted as a text Paper, video Paper or scientific/training dialogue can be sent in chapter format for evaluation.


The paper must contain the following sections: Introduction, Method (Materials, Participants, Design, Procedure), Results, Discussion/Conclusions and References. When they are not strictly research works, the methodology followed must be specified. The same template used for sending Papers must be used, available in the section “Paper Submission” of this website and its maximum length must be of 3000 words (main text, references, figures, tables, appendices and illustrations, not including abstracts in Spanish and English).

An abstract will also be included, in Spanish and English (maximum 250 words for each of the abstracts). The summary should be structured according to the following sections: Background, Method, Results and Conclusions.

Submitted papers must be original and unpublished, i.e., neither published nor in the process of being reviewed for potential publication. Once the paper has been submitted, it is assumed that all the authors have agreed to it.