A new edition. Now in a hybrid format.

The International Congress on Bilingual Education will hold its seventh edition in  hybrid format. In light of the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic over the coming weeks, the final format will be announced in late June or early July. Full details are provided below.

Humanity is going through a difficult time due to a pandemic that is inevitably changing our plans and, above all, our modus vivendi. The 7th International Congress on Bilingual Education will be held in hybrid mode. The ultimate goal is to safeguard the health and safety of all participants, while allowing us to stay in touch, share our work and bring a ‘sense of normality’ to the activities that make us grow as humans. We are sure that the 8th International Congress on Bilingual Education will be held in 2022 in person and we will again have the opportunity to enjoy the workshops, seminars, lectures and plenary sessions live. Until then, we send you a big hug from Cordoba, where we are always waiting for you with a big smile and a big hug.


Participation modalities

We have done our best to maintain the essence of the traditional format of past editions, adapting it to the current health situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the congress will be held in a face-to-face or hybrid setting, with the support of a virtual environment in which participants will be able to interact with the speakers through discussion forums where they can ask questions and foster scientific dialogue.


Results of research and teaching practices in multimedia format.


2 to 3 participants generating debate around a topic.


Results of research and teaching practices in text format.


Development and presentation of training proposals for Bilingual Education



Round table discussion on a major bilingual education topic with the participation of researchers, experts and teachers from different educational backgrounds (university, educational centres, educational administrations).

Welcome by the Rector of the University of Córdoba

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The University of Córdoba organizes and hosts in its Rectorate the 7th International Conference on Bilingual Education, as the continuation of the six previous edition of this Conference, which is nowadays an international reference for the experts and scholars in the area. The clearly international and at the same time modern look of the University of Córdoba remains solid from our unconditional bet towards an educational philosophy where the institutional commitment promotes purposeful opening and innovative actions. Education, therefore, is not properly understood if bilingualism is not at its heart. That is the reason why most educational organisms and institutions, both national and internationally, promote the development of such bilingual policies: the Spanish Ministry of Education, the Council of Europe, the Junta de Andalucía, and the UNESCO, to mention some of the most representative ones.

From the University of Córdoba, together with the rest of the organizing and collaborating institutions, we are certain that this 7th International Conference on Bilingual Education will mean, once again, a shared space to exchange experiences and research towards the development of bilingual education through action, as well as towards the dissemination of its results.

As the Rector of the University of Córdoba let me send an invitation to all participants, speakers, collaborators and attendants to continue making of this 7th International Conference a place for reflection, sharing and innovation towards a relevant, and international type of education, which is an absolute priority for those of us who, with heart and soul, devote our lives to the education of the 21st century young generation.

Be, therefore, these words a warm welcome to the participants of this 7th International Conference on Bilingual Education.